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“I would like to order a Kitty Playgroung with Tree (KPGT-1) The last tree I bought from you has lasted 25 years!

Sue M.
Muscatine, IA

“I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased I am with the cat trees I purchased from you. It is so seldom you see such superb workmanship in anything these days, and your cat trees are a true example of this fine workmanship. My cats and kittens are enjoying the cat trees and thanks to you, I should have them for years to come because of the excellent materials you used to build them”

Debbie S.
Wilton Manors, FL

“I adore your pet furniture. It is truly the epitome of quality and workmanship. Your furniture is truly quality personified and in a class by itself beyond compare anywhere. I firmly believe products as good as yours deserve all the boasting one can give them. My friends have found your pet furniture truly unique master-pieces.”

Melanie M.
Heidelberg, PA

“Buton received the mini playground over a week ago and has been enjoying it ever since.
We live in an apartment with a patio (covered half way up), and she was unable to see any of the outside until the mini arrived. She should have been named “Leaping Lena” because she flies through the air to her perch.
I am so glad I sent for your catalogue. The mini playground is a NICE, STURDY, and GOOD LOOKING piece of pet furniture.”

Catherine C. R.
Denver, CO

“I am really delighted with the kitty poles that I ordered and now have received. I am really thrilled with the construction and am intrigued with the way you have designed them for such EASY assembly, which even I could master, and I have to admit that putting things together is really not my greatest talent.
At any rate. I am just absolutely DELIGHTED, and it will be my pleasure to recommend your pet furniture to anyone.
And, of course, last but not least, my cats are likewise thrilled with their new wonderful climbing posts. In fact, they’re in “Seventh Heaven”. I received the colours that I had picked as my first choice, and they couldn’t be more perfect.
Thank you again for such a SUPERB product.”

Sarah S.
Denver, CO

To all of y’all ,
Just want you to know our super scratching post is the best gift our mom has ever given us. Thank you for building it so good, we love the sisal and the colour is perfect.
Even Trio, our little 3 legged sister, soars up to the top. We all love being on top.
Thank you again!!!
Corky, Max, Tiger, Half Pint, Squeekers, Tuffy, Trio, and our mom Beverly M.

These testimonials are a small sampling of letters received by our staff!


Dear Cat Climbers,
A little over a month ago, my cat of 18 years (Tania) passed away. I had purchased , about five years ago, two of your products KPG-1 and PP-2 in mauve and at that time I was single with the maiden name (V—).I don’t know if it helps to identify my original order or that you really need it.

My cat Tania had all her claws and she never touched any furniture or anything else for scratching purposes but your two cat products. She used them daily and they really had gotten their use! On the day she passed away she was totally healthy but when my husband and I went to bed she came in, laid down beside me to cuddle and let out a scream and passed away. We brought her to the vet that evening and we were told she had a blood clot to the heart. She was taken to the vet monthly for checkups but this was something that was apparently unforeseen. Needless to say it was (and is) a very painful loss. Not only was she my pet, and family member, but she was the best friend I could ever have had. She was there through a lot of painful times and growing up times in my life and it was always comforting that no matter how bad things could be, she was there for me.

I wish to thank you so very much for making such super lasting and most of all safe products. So many items are on the market that are really not safe for pets. Toys made have a lot of things on them that can choke an animal or be swallowed and manufacturers don’t seem to take that into thought or caring when making those products. I had a previous scratching post for Tania prior to purchasing yours and it was poorly made to the point that staples would come out where she heavily clawed which concerned me that she could get caught up in the staple or worse pull out or damage her claw or foot. The stability of most cat poles on the market are not stable and wobble when cats are heavily playing or jumping onto the poles as I could tell from Tania’s use on the old one. With your poles and scratching posts they were very stable and never wobbled under the most strongest play times! I have never had a problem with the carpet tearing, shredding, or even any type of hardware coming loose or out. I would very strongly recommend your products to anyone. They say you get what you pay for and I live by that rule most definitely! I am not saying any of this as a song and dance or to receive the certificate, I am saying this for it is honestly true.

After Tania”s passing, I could not just throw out the poles since they were in excellent condition so I gave the KPG-1 to our vet (Laraway Animal Hospital in Frankfort, IL) for the playroom for the pets that are boarded can have a play area. They were so kind to make a dedication plaque in memory of Tania for the room too. The other pole PP-2 was given to my husbands co-worker who has a pet that claws but can’t afford something so nice.

Tania really did like your poles as I had mentioned previously. Even on her last day she lived in the box part of the KPG-1 for napping time during the day and evening. The box part was her favourite spot and she could still muster the flexibility to run and jump up the various platforms to get into the side hole or jump on the top to lay.

After a few days from her passing my husband strongly suggested I get another pet. I was having such a hard time being in the house and not seeing her in her normal schedule and presence. After talking me through the guilt part he convinced me to get another pet. I called our Laraway Animal Hospital and they had two kittens (brother and sister) and we were going to take the girl but after a day (and before getting her) I felt bad about the boy being by himself and wondering if anyone would adopt him and love him like we’d love his sister so we adopted both! Their names are Sebastian and Ariel (from Little Mermaid).

Well of course, now we have to get new cat poles! Of course, there is no one else in mind to purchase them from but your company, so I sent away for your catalogue. In the next few months we will be moving to another home and thank goodness a little bigger for these two little ones need all the running and playing room they can get. I am planning to purchase the KPG-1 in the beige. Could you possibly send me a small sample of the beige carpet. Our carpet in the new home will be a very light beige (dusty beige) and I want to make sure there is no strong brown tones in your beige.

Again, I wish to thank you for making such reliable, durable, and most importantly safe pet products that will most definitely last! You do yourself proud offering the line of products you do and I have no doubt that anyone else can make them any better.

I would send you a photo of Tania with her on your products but they are in boxes right now. She never went a day without being on either one or clawing it.

Very Sincerely,
Susan N.
Beecher, IL

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